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Life | Life in January

Life | Life in January

Can you believe it's the 1st of February? Whether you really did think January consisted of 74 days.. or whether it flew by for you, it's nice to have January behind us, isn't it?

This month has been rather a busy one, full of lovely things actually. So I thought I'd do a little round up.


First up, because - lets get it out of the way - the running. I set myself a challenge to run 50 Miles during the month of January and I'm pleased to say I did it!! I've had quite a few long runs (6-10kms - long for me) and I've really enjoyed getting out doors - especially as some of those runs coincided with the beautiful days we've had. I can't wait for more blue skies. Which leads me on to.. 

Signs of Spring

I'm so happy to see some early signs of spring, I've seen crocuses flowering in the park, and I can see the daffodils are getting ready to show their faces. I also bought some lovely tulips. I do love spring, I can't wait for it to evolve and seeing the beautiful Spring flowers blossom will be a lovely reminder of our Wedding. I'm pretty sure we'll be on 'Blossom Watch' pretty soon, and do you remember the 'Wisteria Hysteria'?

Weekends away with girlfriends

This month I planned a weekend away to a spa in Wales with 2 of my closest friends. It was the perfect timing, it's always lovely to have something to look forward to in January. It may just have to become a January Tradition. I'm also looking forward to a few upcoming weekends away.


I've really got into my reading again - which I'm pleased about. I think I just need to find myself a good book and I'm sorted. I'm currently reading the Year of Less by Cait Flanders and I'm really enjoying it. It's certainly inspiring me to have a Spring clean and clear out.


This month I booked flights to San Francisco, as The Boy has a business trip there in April, so I'm going to go and tag along. Well do some exploring for myself. : ) I found a great deal  through Norwegian Air - £400 return to San Fran. What a bargain!

What have you been doing in January? 

Sarah ♥

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