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If we went for Coffee..

If we went for Coffee..

I'd have probably chosen somewhere like The Eclectic Collection in Earlsfield, which I wrote about here. They make a blinking good coffee and the food is the most instagrammable food in Earlsfield.

The Eclectic Collection, Banana bread and flat whites

So what would I tell you..

about what I’ve been reading lately - Mum Face, by Grace Timothy, which I'd recommend you read. It’s a little bit graphic about birth and what not, but where else do we learn this stuff? You can find out what else I’ve been reading here. I’d also tell you about how chuffed I was - I'd collected a card full of stamps (£10 off)! so I headed off to Waterstones to buy myself some new books. I bought How to Stop Time and Eleanor Elephant is Completely Fine. Two books which I've heard are brilliant.

bookshelf and new books

I'd ask you which books you've been reading lately, and hopefully you'd have some good recommendations for me. 

I'd tell you {about my upcoming travels..} I’d probably ask you for you recommendations if you’ve been to those places - Hong Kong and San Franscisco if you’re wondering. I’d wonder where to hire a bike to cycle across The Golden Gate Bridge and which tour operator is best for booking a trip to Alcatraz, any ideas guys ? 

I'd ask you about any impending travel plans you may have, because I love that kind of chat.

I’d probably ramble on about {this week's life happenings..} firstly that my 10K was cancelled due to the weather forecast, how initially I was disappointed, but this morning I was relieved to have a lie in. How I made a yummy salmon dish for dinner last night and we opened a new bottle of gin. Then I'd tell you about how I lazy I was this morning, I stayed in bed and read some of my favourite blogs, and then I finally, finally managed to get myself out of bed. I'd probably also go on to tell you about our afternoon making a new gallery wall and organising my bookshelves. I may, or may not have organised my books into colour order! It does look rather pretty though.

I'd probably moan about how fed up I am that {Spring just hasn't quite Sprung} yet and how I want to see Spring flowers and blossom everywhere, not snow. I may just have to buy some flowers this week to make me feel a little more Spring-y!

I'd also maybe mention {my new found love ..} for Acoustic playlists on Spotify. And also how I'm loving the Be Kind movement and thinking how we should all take more time to look after ourselves. I was super excited to see Nicole from the Self Care Co. reshared this picture of me wearing my Be Kind t-shirt during the week. Feeling a little bit insta-famous!! You can read more about that in my previous post here

self care co. be kind t-shirt

I'd ask you how your week had been and what you'd been doing lately.

Then I'd tell you where I got {the inspiration..} to write a post entitled 'If we went for coffee..' and that would be from Rachel from A Nesting Nomad. Rachel is an Expat in Australia, I’d tell you about her blog, and why I enjoy it - she’s honest, funny and tells me about a lot of cool places that she’s been. I hope she doesn’t mind, that I’m borrowing her format for this post. I thought it was a great one. 🙃 <— favourite emoji at the moment. 

Then we'd talk about our {plans for the next week..} how I'm booking an Afternoon Tea for next weekends 1st Wedding Anniversary. How I can't quite believe where that year has gone. Maybe you'd ask a little more about Our Wedding if you didn't know me that well this time last year. I could show you my favourite photos, or share this blogpost with you.


Maybe we'd order another coffee, but if you didn't have time I'd probably grab one to go only if I had my keep cup with me. I'd have to tell you about {my obsession..} with my keep cup, and how I tend not to order a takeaway coffee these days if I don't have a reusable cup with me.

If we went for coffee, what would you tell me? And more importantly where would you take me?

Sarah ♥

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