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Travel Link Up | Challenges

Travel Link Up | Challenges

This month the Travel Linkup theme is: Challenges. What challenges have you foreseen, faced or overcome?

There are always challenges involved with travelling, don't you think? Whether it's getting to the airport on time or more likely for us - arriving so early that we don't know what to do with ourselves. Other challenges may include, the flying itself - luckily for me I really don't mind flying, but I know others it could be a huge challenge to over come. So it got me thinking, what are my challenges whilst travelling. 

Relying on other people

I've written before about my favourite Travel Companions (here, thanks #TravelLinkUp), and I have to say most of my travels have been with one or other of my companions. Until now.. just last week I spent time in San Francisco - primarily on my own. My husband, aka The Boy (I still feel I'm not grown up enough to say "my husband"), was in San Francisco for work, and I tagged along. I booked myself flights with Norwegian (less than £400 return, oh yes) which meant flying alone and also a day earlier, which was absolutely fine by me. 

america map

It's probably a personal challenge to some extent - I never spend much time alone, by myself, me myself and I. I tend to be with a heard of children, The Boy or a close friend. But this proved I could do it - now I won't be rushing to book a solo trip anywhere anytime soon, because to be honest I'd much prefer to share experiences with somebody. BUT I had a great time - I throughly enjoyed the time I spent alone. Who'd have thought it?

I'm usually one of those people who wouldn't go into a pub and wait for a friend at the bar, I'd probably be hiding around the corner somewhere! I don't know what it is I'm just not overly confident in that situation. However I had to sit for coffee by myself, absolutely fine. I had dinner alone a couple of times, completely fine. Why do I let this kind of thing stress me out? I don't know..

I realise I follow others, I don't always know how to get somewhere myself, because I'm following someone else's lead. This isn't usually a problem, however when you're on your own you've just gotta do it. So for example I downloaded the route from Oakland Airport to my hotel from CityMapper, just incase I got lost. I made sure I'd also downloaded the area from google maps, because there's no point in wandering around looking lost. 

Exploring by myself was great - I walked nearly 20km on my first day in San Francisco. I walked from my hotel to find some breakfast, and then to Coit Tower for some amazing views of the Bay, I then meandered through Chinatown, to Union Square where I paused in the sun before heading down Market Street and over to the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square. Then I headed to Lombard Street where the Boy and I had arranged to meet - he'd not long landed in San Fran and wanted to see somethings for himself. 

The huge advantage of exploring alone is not having to wait for anybody, and equally not holding anyone up. I hired a bike and rode across the Golden Gate Bridge but before I'd even got remotely near the bridge I'd stopped so many times to take photos. I can only imagine what that slightly impatient husband of mine would have been saying. I rode into the pretty little town of  Sausalito which has lots of lovely shops and restaurants to explore.  

Just some of the many photos I took of the Golden Gate Bridge

Just some of the many photos I took of the Golden Gate Bridge

Coming home

To be honest coming home from any trip is always a challenge for me. I'll be that person sat by the window on the plane with a tear in my eye - or probably rolling down my cheek. The Boy and I said only the other week we're at our best when travelling - well rested, relaxed and usually a little bit sun kissed. We just generally love to travel and explore new places and see the culture on offer. This means coming home is quite a tricky. Coming home leaves me with a strange feeling - what now? Where next? I find myself looking back through all my photos and wishing to do it all over again. Maybe that's just what they call wanderlust?

Of course, once I get home it's lovely to be back. Getting back into a routine and there's nothing like getting back into your own bed.

What are your biggest challenges when travelling? 

Sarah ♥

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