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Travel Link Up | Travel Luxuries

Travel Link Up | Travel Luxuries

This month I’m excited to be a guest host for the Travel Link Up, along with Emma Adventures of a London Kiwi, Angie SilverSpoon London & Polly Follow Your Sunshine. Thanks for having me girls. :)  You can find the link at the bottom of this post 

This month we're thinking all things opulent - what are your travel luxuries? The whole shebang, ephemeral moments that you'll always treasure or perhaps something in-between? I've decided I'm a 'Little bit of Luxury' kind of girl.

By this I mean... I love bargain, we've have often opted for cheap flights, I’m always super chuffed to get a deal of less than £100 per person on flights, such as to places like Lisbon, Bergen and Iceland. This means there’s some left over money for Hotels - I’ve been lucky enough to stay in some great hotels - Ms Clara in Stockholm, which you can read about here and SP34 in Copenhagen, which you can read about here. I'm totally happy to fly Ryanair and save for a decent hotel.

I think one of the most luxurious hotels I've stayed in is Il Salviatino in Florence. I know Angie is familiar with it.

Il Salviatino, Florence

However I’m totally happy to stay in an Air Bnb and have money to spend on a nice meal. In some countries in particular this is very advisable - Norway for example which is a very expensive place to holiday. Notably I remember 2 pizzas, a beer and a wine costing £50, in Stockholm, to me this is rather ridiculous. It was a simple bite to eat that we were after. I’d be much happier trekking a little to find a more local restaurant and trying to avoid the restaurant attached to the hotel, however sometimes needs must, and when you’re hungry the convienience of not having to go anywhere too far wins. Which is why I think I’m definitely “a little bit luxury”. 

Whereas the boy has high expectations- he likes to stay in 5* hotels, sometimes I’ve discovered I’d be far happier in a small family run b&b type Hotel. We discovered this in Greece when we stayed at the Sheraton Rhodes (a post I meant to write but never got round to writing). The hotel was very large, some 450 rooms, and Just felt like it was swarming with people - breakfast was a mission. The pools were constantly busy. It just didn’t feel as relaxing as I’d liked it to have been. 

I think we caught the slight luxury Travel bug when we travelled to Dubai, everything in Dubai seems to spell out opulence or luxury. We had some amazing times in Dubai, but it’s also the guaranteed sunshine and culture that we love About Dubai. Okay, and the cars, my husband loves the cars! We have travelled to Dubai during Ramadan, which meant we got a good deal, because it's not the best time to travel to the UAE. 

Sometimes my travel luxury is a lovely meal out and a bottle of wine, or sometimes we'll treat ourselves to Afternoon Tea.. but the real luxuries... 

One of my favourite travel quotes.

One of my favourite travel quotes.

I’ve learnt travel itself is a luxury. I feel very privileged to travel as much as we do. And I genuinely believe that gaining an insight into different cultures is in fact a luxury in itself. We may learn to be more grateful for our surroundings, the life we have at home when we see how other people live and how hard people work to help create memories for us. 

palm trees

Our honeymoon was a fine example of this - our wonderful Driver pretty much planned or trip for us - without yet taking his family to his most favourite places in Sri Lanka. I now know he was able to take some time off and take his family to the special places he took us. To me this just proves how much people put others before themselves, and this alone makes me feel very humble and grateful to have met such an incredible man. 

What are your travel luxuries? Are you a blow the budget type of luxury? Or a little bit of luxury now and again? 

Sarah ♥

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